To write sincerely is to make love to the universe, to commune with nature, to journey heaven and hell and to rediscover yourself_ your strength and weaknesses. To express freely is like breathing fresh air but as responsible bloggers, we write to inspire people, to motivate the hopeless and to ignite the fire of the dreamless.

I write because I feel the happiest every time I compose an article or a poem. I smile when a reader appreciates my work. I am challenged to write better when a fellow writer commends or criticizes my write-ups. Writing is inherent to my soul. I knew I was born to wield a pen and because I was blessed with a grandfather who collects reader’s digest, my passion for reading and writing increases day by day!

I will never get tired of expressing myself. I make love to my readers and they commune with my heart and soul through every exquisite word I arranged.

Happy reading, writing, sharing and blogging! Earth to all the lovely people around! Love,love, love!