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Let’s Pray for theWorld

Dear Friends, 
The bombings and terrorist attacks in Manchester, Bangkok, Syria and Marawi, Philippines have again tested our mettle and crumble our resolve. Let’s pray for everyone involved.
– The people who were faced with the uncertainty of danger and death

– the soldiers who risk to shorten their lives to lengthen these people’s lives and maintain peace in the area,

– the rebels who threaten the equilibrium of the society and destroy the lives of many
May God enlighten them. May peace be restored as soon as possible. May no life be stolen and wasted. May the bullets cease to fire and may the bombs stop to explode.

Afternoon Thoughts

It takes courage to open up your heart to someone, and it takes strength to be vulnerable, even when you think the feelings are mutual. Or you want to believe so. You give them power over your life trusting them not to manipulate or hurt you. But in between, getting scratches is inevitable. You cry. You wipe your tears. But it’s fine. You grow up from it. You have to experience it. 

When you put yourself on the line, you lay yourself bare before the person you care about, not knowing how he/she will take your words. How he or she will react to your actions. And it’s a frightening moment, because you never know if the outcome will resemble a romantic dream or a harsh reality check.

An open heart risks getting broken, but it’s all worth the adventure. Romantic or tragic, remember not to lose yourself in the process. Always secure half of your heart for yourself so during rainy days, you will have an umbrella to keep you dry and safe. 

And as always, never forget your principles because you thought you were madly and deeply in love, embrace your homegrown belief and tuck it in your sleeve. You will never be you when you are forced to change for someone else. 

Trust, care, and respect each other with God as the center of your life_then all great things will follow. 

Be Brave

Misgivings, failures, heartaches and problems will always make us sad. They were given to us for a purpose. They were laid down at our feet to strengthen our bearing. Let us not allow these negativity to rule our lives. Let us turn the tables and view them as motivating factors. Because in reality, they are God’s blessings in disguise meant to make us confidently beautiful and capable against the hurdles of life. 

Be brave. Smile. Own the world. 

Love lots, 

Sunflower Girl 🌻 

Speak to Inspire

I have been inactive in WordPress this April. I was occupied with an exam,  and after work, I felt so tired that no matter how relevant the topic is, I am uninspired to run my ink. 

Recently, I was invited to listen to a professional discussion about proper and conscientious communication. It was supposedly a scary meeting where I anticipated myself being grilled alive but thankfully, it turned out to be an intellectual exchange of insights where good communication was emphasized to promote health and prevent injury. 

I was awestruck from the moment the presiding officer gave his introductory speech until the solution and conclusion was made. There were calculated debates base on scientific facts and each orator has spoken in light with his or her experienced opinion. The silence in between is a pause to stimulate more educated conversation. 

I hope I’ll be able to speak with confidence like these people. Their achievements and their failures made them intangible role models. I like how firm others were with their beliefs but I respect those who have the tenacity to admit their mistakes and works hard to improve their performances. It was good because people are not blaming. They are not terrorizing the weak. The main concern is the cause of the problem and how it can be prevented in the future.

Thank you for letting me hear your intellectual talks. I learned a lot. And the best part, I dream to become one like you. 

Love lot’s, 

Sunflower Girl 🌻 

The Big Difference

5 days before..



City of Seafood, Sunset, Beaches and Durian

Budget friendly. 

Poetic sceneries. 

Romantic getaway. 

Relaxing paradise. 

Diverse culture. 


Perth Paradise

My vacation plan is fully booked. But in between, I have to work hard to earn my keeps. Otherwise, spending here and there without keeping some for the emergency time will drain my savings account. 

Learning the cliche saving tip from a good friend made me smile. 

Your travel memoirs are great. I hope to travel positively with your advice. Let’s roam the world while we are able and young.

Here is one local venue to discover:

Beautiful Blooms

Iris Rendezvous

I remembered you everyday 

And every time

I pour my heart out

I reminded myself

that you no longer care. 

I long to hear your voice

While I imagined you serenading

But that was long ago

And jumping ship was your choice

I yearn to feel your warmth

To be one with you

In body and soul

To connect with your mind

And fuse with your heart. 

I want to love you

Like I’m gonna lose you tomorrow

I want to feel your every detail 

And memorize your every cell. 

I can no longer reach out to you

You were gone

And I felt so alone and hollow. 

Until when will I visit this memory

This painful iris rendezvous

That is everyday playing

At the core of my being?

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