Basking in the warmth of the sun and embracing the sea breeze, the powdery white sand, and the freedom. Finally, the day came when my parents allowed me to roam around the world without too many questions and too many worries. They gave back my wings so that I can fly away from home and pursue grander ambitions in life. I was always afraid of something new before and I preferred the ease of routine work. And then I met a lot of people, some were very cautious while others were very brave. It dawned on me that it’s high time to travel the unknown and experience the unplanned even with a short lifespan than to live a long life that is empty and lonely. I dared myself, defied my norms and did the unthinkable: chasing my impossible dreams. It was tough. It was scary. It was heartbreaking. I thought I will give up and quit but I wanted to pat my shoulders for trying and trying until I succeed. I wonder where I pulled such guts and resilience. I was curious where I got all those optimism and faith. Maybe God is just too good on me that despite my being hard headed, He never abandons me. I pray that traveling will not only help me find love, adventure, and freedom. Most importantly, I hope that it will find the inner goddess in me. ✌️ 😉 #BORACAY #beach #beachbody #boracay #happy