When I go to places, I make sure that I celebrate my womanhood by wearing the right pieces that match my personality and my story. I love to express my feminine allure through effortless pieces and timeless silhouettes. During my first vacation abroad, I chose a maxi dress that is spaghetti strapped and adorned with floral patterns. It has few ruffles and a sexy slip with a hem that falls just above my feet. I love branded items but for this piece, I got it at 69SAR from Max. What a steal considering how beautifully it hugged my curves and frolics when the wind blows. It can certainly compete with other notable brands when it comes to design and quality. Every woman has to be confident, sexy, and a little bit edgy. To give me a confidence lift, I wore a Forever 21 green dress. It was sleek considering the green shade and is lovely with an antique necklace but I opt to wear it without any dangling jewelry. I paired it with a Keds sneakers for a polished and bold look. My Hongkong trip will not be complete without a Korean inspired dress. The semi black floral mini dress is trendy and reveals just the right amount of skin. It looks youthful and playful too and is very comfortable to wear. I wanted to look refine even in shorts, so I chose the classic sky blue A-line short and paired it with a black spaghetti strap cotton shirt. It looks classic paired with a great eyewear and trendy and fun with a good sneakers. Temples are sacred so I chose a minimalist pink dress. It was a bit heavy to wear since it’s made from a denim fabric but since it was cold in the morning, it’s a nice pick to combat the cold weather. For my night look, I chose a black short and complimented it with a gold crochet beaded top. It’s comfortable and at the same time gold stands out and glitters at night. I preferred simplicity and comfort for my adventure in Ocean Park Hongkong. The aeropostale cropped short and the round neck shirt was pretty clean and easy to don. I partnered it with a comfy sneakers from Guess so trekking the five mountains of the park was not that exhausting considering the ease and comfort of the garments. It’s great to celebrate our feminism by what we wear. Be happy, be grateful, and be tenacious and your confidence will naturally boost your womanhood. #rabp