Allow me

to express my heart

while I think of you every day. 

How I wish to touch

Your soft and curly hair

And trace your lopsided smile. 

How I desire to kiss that dimple

And feel the roughness of your stubble. 

Your brilliant black eyes

That bespoke longing

While they connect intangibly with my soul. 

I miss your voice, your laughter 

Our casual conversation

And the occasional banters. 

Your hands misbehave

The twinkle in your eyes shifts

But it was the daring of your mind

And the sexy, confident personality 

That draws me in. 

It was the straightforward man

With so much more I have to know 

So much more I have to discover

And so much more I want to spend my ordinary days with. 

For whatever it is that connects us

Strong and binding

And sometimes daunting

I relish the adventure

And will be glad to make more.