‘I love a good adrenaline rush! Nothing makes me feel younger and more alive than doing something a little dangerous or something beyond my limits.’ 

I am Miss Goody Two Shoes. Hmmm… I was, hahaha, and at 29, curiosity is nagging at me like a conscience. And so, I make it a point to write a few adventures in my bucket list to achieve before I reach the age of 30 on August 21,2017.

Yes, few more days and I’ll gracefully embrace that age. 

Most of the checks in my bucket list were great but a few were real shocker. Before 30, I was able to work abroad and live independently. I may not be financially free but I am happy with the few bucks I earned and the worthy investments I made. I am low maintenance and the two splurges in my budget are books and good wrist watches. I have never regretted a moment buying books. I may not have the time to read all of them now but when my heart longs for a comfy staycation, I’ll lie in the hammock and grab a John Grisham, Paulo Coelho or Stephenie Meyer. I do collect from various authors of diffetent genre, and I love the variety. 

I don’t know what started my obsession for wrist watches. The lack of it during my younger years or the value of time, I can’t really tell. I just adore my collection and I love hearing their tic tacs that reminded me that I am alive and kicking. Every time I wake up, I am enamored to seize the day. It’s the mundane tic tac that resembles my heartbeat and pumps up to plan and chase my goals.

I booked tickets for travel abroad with my beloved sister. It will be an adventure of a lifetime because we will journey on our own with our carefully planned itineraries and average budget.

I dated for the first time in my life. Goosebumps and giggles mixed altogether. Hahaha. I had an online boyfriend before that I was totally devoted because we were friends for almost a year and we were connected by a close relative but connecting with the opposite sex in a personal level can be both daunting and exciting. And mind you, an eye to eye contact can be appalling but when you are comfortable with a person, you get drawn to their stares rather than drown in them. 

I took an ielts exam in a foreign country. I did fine with my band score and honesty I was disappointed at first because I did but pass the standards, but I have learned to accept it and have made a self pact to retake and improve myself. Next time, I will be ready. I will take it with calculated risk by preparing conscientiously and not relying too much on my skills and experience. 

I traveled around Saudi Arabia with good friends. I thought going to the beach and exploring other places aside from our hospital, malls, and parks are the only perks of an expat in Abaya. I was wrong on that notion. Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country but in order for you to enjoy it’s wonders, you have to open your mind and hang out with good and trusted people. I am happily scrolling pictures from our short but memorable outings in Jubail, Bahrain bridge and Baher Villas. I wish I can spend more time with them and illicit carefree laughters. I still have a few more days to spare before I finally bid my goodbye to the Kingdom and I really hope to ride that ATV 4×4 monster before my due date comes. 

I have so many firsts here that I will fondly remember all my life. Leaving will be painful because Labor and Delivery Department has been a family for me for the past 18 months. I am also thankful for my previous 18months in OB GYNE WARD. Imagine leaving good people behind, but life has to go on no matter how difficult the partings maybe. I cherished everyone who made my 3 years a worthwhile journey to independence and maturity. You have witnessed me grow up and become stronger. I may still be childish in some ways and you may still complain, but who cares, I am just thankful to all of you who embraced me as me, Rachel. You accepted my flaws, my misgivings and above all, you tolerated my noise and drama. I belong in Labor and Delivery and I felt loved. 

I will leave after 30 days but don’t you worry. I WILL BE FINE AND I WILL MAKE ANOTHER DRAMA. I will be sad but I have a loving family, relatives and friends who are anxiously waiting for my arrival. I am not VIP but with them, I feel super duper VVIP and that feeling is monumental. 

I am casting all my worries to the arabian nights. And I am embracing new winds of opportunities. Ahh, there is nothing more comforting than a good night chat with the Lord reassuring me through calm spirits that I will do brilliantly in my next adventure. 

Excited. Hopeful. Tenacious. 

Love lots, 

Sunflower Girl ๐ŸŒป