It takes courage to open up your heart to someone, and it takes strength to be vulnerable, even when you think the feelings are mutual. Or you want to believe so. You give them power over your life trusting them not to manipulate or hurt you. But in between, getting scratches is inevitable. You cry. You wipe your tears. But it’s fine. You grow up from it. You have to experience it. 

When you put yourself on the line, you lay yourself bare before the person you care about, not knowing how he/she will take your words. How he or she will react to your actions. And it’s a frightening moment, because you never know if the outcome will resemble a romantic dream or a harsh reality check.

An open heart risks getting broken, but it’s all worth the adventure. Romantic or tragic, remember not to lose yourself in the process. Always secure half of your heart for yourself so during rainy days, you will have an umbrella to keep you dry and safe. 

And as always, never forget your principles because you thought you were madly and deeply in love, embrace your homegrown belief and tuck it in your sleeve. You will never be you when you are forced to change for someone else. 

Trust, care, and respect each other with God as the center of your life_then all great things will follow.