I have been inactive in WordPress this April. I was occupied with an exam,  and after work, I felt so tired that no matter how relevant the topic is, I am uninspired to run my ink. 

Recently, I was invited to listen to a professional discussion about proper and conscientious communication. It was supposedly a scary meeting where I anticipated myself being grilled alive but thankfully, it turned out to be an intellectual exchange of insights where good communication was emphasized to promote health and prevent injury. 

I was awestruck from the moment the presiding officer gave his introductory speech until the solution and conclusion was made. There were calculated debates base on scientific facts and each orator has spoken in light with his or her experienced opinion. The silence in between is a pause to stimulate more educated conversation. 

I hope I’ll be able to speak with confidence like these people. Their achievements and their failures made them intangible role models. I like how firm others were with their beliefs but I respect those who have the tenacity to admit their mistakes and works hard to improve their performances. It was good because people are not blaming. They are not terrorizing the weak. The main concern is the cause of the problem and how it can be prevented in the future.

Thank you for letting me hear your intellectual talks. I learned a lot. And the best part, I dream to become one like you. 

Love lot’s, 

Sunflower Girl 🌻