I love to love you

I yearn to be with you

If only I can show you

How much I care

Or demonstrate my passion

by my touch and stare

I will do it willingly


I want to convey my love

in sincerest deeds

I want to tell you how much you matter

by spending my time with you

every day until we’re 60 in November.

But again today

you spoke the rudest words

and told me you care

for someone else

how painful it is

it cuts like a knife

I am not making a drama

for what good will it do to me?

since you don’t care

I am expressing myself

In the easiest way

my ache isn’t self-inflicted

I naturally bled because of you

and I know this is destructive

but I don’t know what to do

for some, it’s meaningless,

an online romance,

a cyber folly

because we never really spend time together

and they say it’s only my ego

since you challenged my Hera’s pride


and maybe not

I loved you yesterday

I am loving you today

what of tomorrow

will I love you more?

come what may…


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