I miss you.

I need you.

I love you.

🍓my strawberry

🌕my midnight sun

🚢my stellar iris

👦my handsome

🌻sunflower girl misses you terribly.

I pray for your happiness and safety.

Don’t think badly of my actions. I am not commanding you. I am asking a favor. 

I have no right. Yes. And I don not hope to have one because you know what, it will be the other way around. You will be the one commanding me and I fear for that moment.

I knew I will only destroy myself if I continue loving you. And I am thankful for being the man that you are, firm and steadfast, otherwise, I am already broken as a whole. When we part ways, my heart was injured but maybe if I insisted more, I will be a living wreckage and eventually you will left too. 

It was a matter of time. And still, it hurts.

How can you have power over me when you were so distant? I fear your voice even if I cannot hear it. You held something indescribable. Something intangible. And everytime we connect, I am overwhelmed… 😓

It’s like a rain after the drought.