FOR YOU: I will forget you. I promise. Goodbye Stellar Iris. 


Should I give you a piece of my heart?

Or a fragment of my thoughts?

Can you hear my heartbeat?

Can you read my recollections?

Must you see through

my ignorance and un-care

A pretense to cover up

My longing and despair.

How every day

I muster my courage

And disregard my pride

How every hour

I overpass my ego

And recited my excuses.

How every minute

you dismiss my order

and jumbled my thoughts.

How every second

you shame my madness

with happy memories.

What to do?

I can’t forget you.

I tried all distractions

But all failed

And bid adieu.


How are you?

Still resisting my echo?

For now,

I’ll gladly break my heart

Because I can’t disremember you.

I don’t really care

What others will tell.

The shame

The foolish game

Or the brokenhearted’s fame.

I love to love you.

Because every midnight

When you visit my calm

My artistry becomes restless

My eyes will shimmer in wonder

My lips will part in hunger

My chest will rise and fall like its November

My hands will paint your face

My fingers will gently trace

Your eyes, nose, and lips.

My feet will be winged

As I lovingly guess

your current location.

I will close my eyes

And then I will smile.

There you are.

Inside my heart.

How can I unlove you?

When everyday

I fall in love with you






Until who knows when

Will there never be an end?

post script:

Just now you hurt me

you told me to move on and grow up

I am moving on but your memories haunted me

I am asking for your help

Is what I’m begging too much

I don’t want you back

deliverance is what I asked.

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