I willed myself to have a stronger heart and a very positive outlook on life. This was a promised to my beloved Abuelo, Señor Delfin Buensuceso. Whilst it is hard to keep the pace of bravery and optimism in the real world, I have devoted myself to live up to it no matter what the circumstances are.

Like everyone else, my story is as imperfect and heartbreaking. I will cry at the trials but I will never back out from it. I may get wounded in the end but as long as I’m alive, there is no greater glory than to tell the world that I survived my tempest. God’s Spirit resides within me and I  am empowered by my family and friends.

The greatest storm I have encountered so far is the hurricane building inside my own body destroying the peace of my mind and the order of my heart. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, procrastination, and pessimism were my constant enemies. They occasionally trigger my angry and envious hormones to act without thinking objectively. I regret my impulsiveness but at the end of the day, I face the consequences of my choices, good or bad, I am solely liable.

I am not scared of punishments. The physical pains will recover but the emotional trauma will linger to wake me up early morning with hyperventilation.

Well, that’s life. You get some and you lose some. Be thankful for the moments that you genuinely smiled. Be grateful for the happy hours. Do not forget the times when you cried and at the verge of giving up. Do not fear the winds of adversity.

When the wind of adversity blows, savor it. Face it. Stand against it. Feel how it pricks the skin like needles. When you feel like crying, let go of your tears and scream. Afterward, you will feel better.

A kite rises against the wind rather than with it. Let your courage take flight 🦋

Showing your vulnerability is never a weakness. It is the start of becoming brave. But you must not dwell on the negative side for a long time, help yourself up from the drones, otherwise, the mud will eventually drown you.


Stand up.

Toughen up.

Bravery is strengthened with constant use.

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