I casually smiled at your old soul

singing old songs from 60’s to 90’s

and every time I ponder at your theories

I can’t help but laugh like a bully.


You were not a poet

but your plain words became poems

let me say thank you

You were a balm away from home.


Thank you for your smile

For the occasional hi’s

For lifting up my spirit

up and above the sky.


I will drink that coffee with you

I will take that Toblerone too

again, thank you

you made me see life anew.

Hi. Sunflower Girl here. It took me long to post again. I cannot find free time last week. Guess what? Falling in love again is a choice. I have long accepted that my first love and commitment will never be and that I have to let go. The acceptance part of the separation was hard because I feel that there was no proper closure. I wanted out and he immediately agreed. He didn’t ask why and he stormed away like nothing happened. For me who have loved sincerely and committed honestly, it pained a lot. But since it was a three-week love story, my mourning should be as short right? I have no regrets. I begged for the last chance, I asked for forgiveness and most of all, I have forgiven myself.

My stellar iris is irreplaceable but I am letting go and I am embracing happiness. Why should I restrain myself?  I am young. I am free. And I chose to be happy.

I may not fall in love as quickly. But I have learned a very good lesson from that first love. I will make sure that it is not repeated.

I fall in love with myself again and again.

And I will brave the hesitation and doubts.

I will smile heartily again.

I will drink that coffee… save up for caramel macchiato or a double espresso. I want a big Toblerone too. hahaha…kidding. Anything as long as it comes from you will be gladly accepted.

Again, thank you!

P.S. I am not in a hurry to love again. My goal is to love myself more and to reward Ms. Sunflower with the best of what the world has to offer. She doesn’t need a man to complete her. She is independent and capable. But she loves a compliment, a friendship, and care.

Like what her brother shortly advised: That one will come at the right time.

I was touched. Take care brother. Enjoy the seas and embrace the lovely adventures.

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