I liked your persistence,

all your childlike teasing,

your sweet morning messages,

and your midnight musings.

but it has become jaded

because like the tenses of my verbs

you became a distant past

you came during my peace and quiet

while I ready my soul to sleep

do I even know who you are?

you were not my strawberry

or my beloved handsome.

you were a far cry from my stellar iris,

an irony of sunshine.

my constant longing

my previous begging

my childishness

our pathetic lying

your disinterest

the unbendable firmness

my gut feel

our laughable cheesiness.

which is which?

my pride

your ego

that last message

will always echo

at the back of my head

questioning my decision

measuring my maturity

but at the end

it was a good journey

experiences were earned

lessons learned

let’s forgive our mishaps

and live peacefully

never together again

but at least we became each other’s

life coach.