The people around us affects us profoundly – emotionally, physically and mentally. In my contained universe, these people have influenced my decision making, my fashion choices and my behavior and conduct. But how far should we allow their power to affect our lives?

Their advice is critical to the refinement of our decisions or to the difficulty in our progress. We trust them and when they say something, we don’t listen at all, we imagine with all the contortions of our id and ego. Some are lucky to discern what’s good or bad for them, but others will likely fall prey to the exaggerated musings of an adviser.

So how do we balance doubt and trust? How do we know what’s best suited for us?

I don’t know myself.

Maybe we have to believe in our instinct and we have to pray earnestly for guidance. Being too happy or angry at the moment can also affect our actions. Impulsiveness will have its price and the consequences will not be pleasing at all.

Maturity is not measured by age or by the vastness of experience, it’s how you handled things that seemed out of proportion with cool reverie. But how calm and firm can you be? How strong willed are you?


It takes self-worth and confidence to do so.

So help me God.

I will start by being alone. Eating alone. Dating myself alone. Shopping alone. Traveling alone. Sleeping alone.

I have been practicing this before and I love the freedom and the power it gave me. In the midst of the busy crowd, I love to sit alone and learn more about myself.

Of course, I need anything strawberry to delight me. I will grow. I will be more mature. I will determine what inspires me the most.

I will curate my dreams. I will stand firm in my beliefs. I will discover my stunning uniqueness. I will unleash my fevered clarity.

And when the time comes that I needed an advice, I am ready to listen. I will listen eagerly. I will be neutral. I will take the good things but I will not ignore the negative comments.

Weighing and determining the final say is the hardest. But I know everything can be solved by an honest prayer.

Love lots,

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