Writing is one of the most unrewarded profession. Writing will not thrive by passion alone, it should be fueled by a fever pitch effort and dedication.

As a writer, a simple appreciation from my readers is more than enough reason for me to run my ink and wield my pen. I don’t care if only one reader valued my articles, as long as they understand my creative world and I inspire them with my optimism, I will burn my midnight candle to compose more write-ups. I am happy and it’s worth grilling the insides of my brain.

This is my third award nomination and being recognized by a fellow blogger is just awesome! Again, thank you to poetrylover for nominating me. I felt really great!

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

The Beginning:

This blogging addiction started with my first published article in Philippine Daily Inquirer dated August 21, 2016, entitled My Superman. The adrenaline rush was too strong to handle that I decided to spill some in At first, I was a loner with no followers to criticize or like my articles. Then I discovered First Friday and Community Pools which promoted my blog around the world. I love composing for daily prompts and photo prompts. I now have 66 followers in my humble space, stitchesandpoems and I hope to encourage more bloggers to follow me and my crazy but optimistic world.

2 Pieces of Advice:

1. Love your workConfidence resonates from your articles. You have to own what you write and love them. Be proud of them. You may have grammatical errors in between, spelling confusions, limited lexical resources, and problems with sentence structure and thought organizations but don’t stress yourself too much. Every writer encounters that and even the best linguist around the world is not an exception. Download Grammarly and ask help from a colleague if you want more polishing.

2. Be dynamic. Be active and show a lot of energy by posting more than 3 articles per week. Join community pools and daily prompts. Follow other bloggers that interest you and participate in the comment section. Embrace corrections for article improvements and try new things aside from your usual post to encourage interest from your followers.

I Nominate…

I love all the bloggers I follow. They impress me with the sincerity of their write ups and how they uniquely express them in written words or candid photos. Pay them a visit and be amused by their creative haven.


The Honest Fabler

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Peter Adewumi



midnight musing

Judy Redic

poetry lover

Train Today To Reap Tomorrow

A warm thank you to all my followers and readers who stick with me through thick and thin. You are my lifeline. I promised to write more inspiring articles. If in between you read sad epiphanies, broken sonnets, and heartbreaking stories, forgive me,, and please allow me, I  am only human and I write to express.

Your’s truly,

Sunflower Girl