Wintry Sky

I felt

the loneliest

when I’m alone

with my thoughts.

your warm memory

a sheet of numbing oaths.

my once treasured peace

my valued control and power

now in a limbo.

I can’t unthink you

I can’t unbreak my heart

I can’t unlove you.

You see me smile

but deep inside is a hollow

a wintry mix of

loneliness and sorrow.

I long for you

I still care

I want to scream

this is not fair.

when I trust

and love


my everything

while you

played and lied

like I’m a fling.

give me back my peace

let me regain my power

clear my doubts


for making me cry

and cease

because you should know

love is not abstract

where you can play

and hurt

someone else’s


. © rabpedroso

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