If there is one thing I am certain of about myself, it’s my addiction and passion for writing. No matter what mood I am in, it never falters. It is seamless. It is endless. And I am sure that even if I reached the age of 60 I will relentlessly write to express myself and inspire people.

Nowadays, I am keen with new experiences. The once scared and sheltered girl is now a brave and daring miss.

Now let me write my midnight musing.

Don’t get stuck. Have the tenacity to move forward and march. Travel and discover places. Explore different culture, taste unique cuisines and meet lovely strangers.

Take a class. Learn Mandarin Chinese or French. Take photography lessons or taekwondo classes. Do you know how to swim? No? Then dip yourself in the pool and learn the basics of life survival techniques.

Take a risk. Being too secure and cautious is boring. Be frightened of the unknown. Invest in mutual funds. Love a stranger. Befriend your enemy. Bet in a lottery. The excitement is worth all the worry.

There is a time for wildness and a moment for settledness and this juncture for you is neither. Dear, tis the season of becoming.

Hold yourself intact. Don’t be swayed by the happy hour. Don’t get too racy with the career ladder.

Take a break in between and sip your strawberry milkshake. Watch Fifty Shades Darker in the cinema and read Paulo Coelho’s “The Spy”. Update your facebook orInstagramm account but never forget to read your bible and ruminate about how worthwhile your life has been.

Now is the time of your becoming.

Walk happily with the people you love and who loves you back. Ignore your detractors and do not waste your time over people who doesn’t appreciate your worth and effort. Don’t let them have power over you. You owe yourself more than that. Be a bitch and kick some ass.

Don’t be stuck in the past. Are you not tired of the routine?

Don’t fast forward yourself in the future you haven’t earned. Work your way to success with every ounce of honesty, hard work, and dedication you have.

Love unconditionally and be courageous. Be resilient and firm. Forgive yourself in between for your misgivings and mishaps.

Throughout your journey, just be who you are. Do not resist change if it calls for improvement. Embrace the transformation with aplomb.

Good night bloggers.

Love lots,

Sunflower Girl and Miss Xin

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