I don’t mind being labeled stupid

Because my love is unrequited

As long as I demonstrate my care

For you, even the tempest I’ll dare.

You really think I’m only playing?

And you’re a pawn in this absurd game?

Boy, please see the sadness in my eyes

I yearn for you and that I can’t deny.

I’ll never forget the day you broke my heart

I knew those mistakes were from my part

But can’t you hold on a little longer

And save our love that really matters.

How deep is the wound you endure

Even if I beg in tears, to you it’s unpure

Do you love me? Do you really care?

Or this is just a passing fancy, a liar’s fair.

I love you so bad but this is goodbye

I cared so much I can only cry

My stellar iris, be happy, be free

My prayers are with you for eternity.

— rabpedroso