Mend my broken heart

In a breeze of genuine deeds

Dry my autumn tears

Nesting in my lonely eyes

Illumine my dismal road

Grieving at your absence

Hug my freezing soul

Tormented when we’re apart.

Shelter me with your warmth

Up against the wrath of storms

Never ever leave me again.

For My Handsome. My Midnight Sun.

I missed you so badly. You will never know how much I longed for you. You will never know how sincere I loved you. 

It’s okay. My love has become unrequited. I have no regrets. I was in fact happy because I realized that I am capable of loving a man. And in those brief moment, you made me feel loved. Keep safe where ever your current location is. I pray that you’ll fly back to me but I know deep in my heart that you will never come back. 

Aye aye captain. You will always be in my heart. Again, I love you so bad.