The weekend had been painfully hilarious for me. An ironic contradiction in words.

A friend was having heart troubles and I was giving unsolicited advice to her. I like making my opinions heard. I am a perfectionist, a dreamer, a coworker remarked, and because my opinions were influenced by textbooks rather than real life experiences, I can’t help but wonder how it would really differ if I had actual experiences.

This is what I told her.

“Heartbreaks will make us stronger and wiser.”

We were hurt and we shed a tear, like a phoenix who has to burn herself and turn into ashes and from that ashes, she will be reborn to become more beautiful.

Spread your golden wings- the sky is limitless, the possibilities of one true love is endless.

Relax and smile. Let the wind cast your worries to the seas.

Laugh abandonly. The crazier you look, the better.

Before you give that heart again, make sure you are whole. You don’t need someone to complete or compliment you.

It is ok to fall and fail in love. It is ok to make mistakes and get hurt because we are inexperienced.

For everything, let’s not hold regrets. Because despite the pain, we were once happy and we tried our best.

From time to time, we will remember the good times and we will be saddened. Or at the spur of the moment, we will go back to where it had gone wrong. Let it be. Let the memories become rugged. Let the pain ripped the heart.

Like delicate fingers – swollen and bleeding from continuous plucking of guitar strings. Novice will have difficulty with the rhythm of the chords. But as you continuously struck them, the pain blends with the chord and the tune becomes finer and polished. Your nails became brittle at some time but wait for a while, it will naturally heal. It will grow resilient.

“Painful experiences become fond memories. Ugly rendezvous become beautiful learning avenues. ”

I never knew that I will go back to this old facebook status of mine and reapplied it to myself.

When we give advice, the recipient listens. But no matter how rational it sounded, the neocortex of our brain seldom responds. It lingers momentarily at the painful memory and debates with the ego. In denial stage comes in followed by aggression and bargaining. Then depression took over. Let the process slowly set in until acceptance comes to greet its receptor with a warm welcome.

Growing up started from there. Be thankful for the encounters. Each moment counts. Each lesson worth remembering.
Remaining calm in adversity is a sign of great spiritual strength. No matter what’s going on in your life right now, “Hold your peace!” and always be grateful.

Demonstrate your speeches. Walk your talk.
Foolishly learning and always smiling while encoding from my room,

Your’s truly,

Sunflower Girl here.


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