Commit Yourself To Achieving Your Goals

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There is no real connection between what we want and what we get in life.

Look around you and notice how many people want things. If I start a poll here in my blog asking who wants to be wealthy, I’m sure I’d get a pretty unanimous response. Unfortunately, not everyone will become millionaires.

There is, however, a connection between what we get and what we are committed to experiencing.

Commitment is that do-whatever-it-takes quality that keeps our eye on the prize.

With commitment, there is a sense of no turning back.


Moreover, dedicating yourself to your goals will open up new possibilities that would not reveal themselves to someone with less focus.

Consider how most people approach a new endeavor. They are willing to do it as long as it’s convenient.

The trouble with such an orientation to convenience over commitment becomes apparent when problems arise. With the inevitable appearance of problems, the path of least resistance is to follow one’s feelings and do what appears to be most convenient.

This usually means quitting.

This explains why most do not get what they want but instead get what they are committed to – their comfort.

To break out of this self-sabotaging pattern, simply return to and remain present to your commitment as life forces you to choose between commitment and feelings.

Success requires clarity to what’s at stake and what it is that you are committed to doing. Then, whether you feel like it or not, do it anyway.

As you develop the habit of honoring commitments, life will take on a new direction.

Deliberate, focused action toward goals will replace sitting around hoping that your wishes will come true.

Successful people are those willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.

Begin on the path of honoring your commitments and decide to live deliberately.


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