I am thankful to meet a beautiful person like you Mama Mansap. I will never forget my night and morning shift duties because at exactly 05:50 -06:00 AM you will show your ID card in the camera and we will open the Labor and Delivery main door for you.

You will intricately separate and tidy the green gowns in the cabinet. I loved how you arranged them as if it were your children’s clothing. You will walk with that classic Mama Mansap walk while murmuring pretty English phrases from the station to your housekeeping room.

How will I forget your reprimands? I am one naughty, crazy and hard-headed granddaughter of yours and surely you will miss “gergering” me as well. You speak directly without so much ado, frankly honest but not blatantly rude. No doubt, at that age, you are respected and loved.

What again Mama? Why I’m wearing green gowns instead of my uniform? Why I throw paper in the infectious yellow bag before? Why I am not wearing my spiked OR shoes? And so many other things that were casually said but I have remembered fondly.

I will miss those Patchi chocolates you gave before. They are as sweet as you Mama.

When I go inside delivery rooms, I will miss seeing you sitting in first delivery or side room, stacking the neatly folded plastics and infectious bags. I will miss your genuine and affectionate smile.

Hasta la proxima vez Mama, until we meet again. Soon. I hope. I pray.

We love you so much it hurts seeing you go. Enjoy Thailand Mama, remember us fondly. See all our beautiful pictures and videos saved in your phone and laugh noisily. Hehehe…

We were separated by distance but we are connected by heart. God bless you Mama Mansap! Earth to you! 🙂

Happy and safe trip as well to Mama adlin and Mama Jatapon. God bless us all!



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