I love pampering myself. I am not born with a pretty blemished free face but with good hypo allergenic products, my pimples and dark spots have long since become a history.

I can’t go without a facial moisturizer. I have tried The Face Shop’s Aloe Vera before and I must say that it is very good especially during winter season. A friend gave me Evol Brightening Skin Cream before and it worked wonders. My pimples were axed in about 4 weeks and I noticed the radiance in my face.

Evol is quite expensive though but if you want good and immediate result, try it. One bottle is good for 2-3months use.

With continuous use, your skin becomes supple and well-hydrated. Coupled with healthy diet and a good sleep, it sure can make wonders.

I love coral colored lippies. They’re natural looking and can go with any occasion. The Body Shop’s Color Crush is my favorite at the moment. It’s very soft on the lips and tasted good too. It’s budget friendly without the dreaded lead in it’s component

What’s your daily must have in your kikay kit? Share them with us. It might be helpful as well.
Love lots, Rachel

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