Yesterday, I was physically exhausted and mentally disoriented. Our area was very busy with active labor, deliveries, labor cases and admission patients for induction of labor.

One patient for emergency lower segment caesarean section removed her diamond nose ring and gave it to me for safe-keeping. Because we were literally in a circus and moving here and there in fast-paced chaos, I left the valuable nose ring in the desk and hurriedly endorsed it to my fellow nurse. Because she was handling two cases, she was not able to see where it was kept. Night shift and morning shift came and labor room was kept tidy and sterile.

Then at around 18:40 hours, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia time, the patient’s husband called to ask for the diamond ring. I felt uneasy and shocked. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “Where is that nose ring?”

I remembered putting it on the table inside a small plastic. I was nervous. The husband explained that it was a gift during their wedding and it means so much to his wife.

My colleagues helped me search for that small jewel on the tiled floor. It was so small that you can miss it for a dirt. With the aid of a flashlight, we were able to see it shining radiantly in one corner. Intact and waiting to be returned to its rightful owner.

My thoughts:

1. I am one blessed and lucky girl. God is good to me all the time. He will not put me in trouble knowing that I have no malicious intent over the expensive jewelry.

2. Always keep patient’s valuables in the hospital’s safe or give it to the husband for safe-keeping. Busy will never be an excuse when it gets lost. Be alert. Be responsible. Be liable.

3. Always be thankful for the little graces from heaven. And for the great people who will help you behind your back. No matter how trivial the act, if done sincerely, it is bigger than any impressive deeds.

4. Life goes on. Smile, heal and become stronger and more beautiful. Every encounter has a lesson. Remember each fondly.

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