Love me sincerely my Midnight Sun,

Don’t flatter with sweet nothings.

I deserve more than that.

Demonstrate your words

so I just might

believe the promises

you said.

Do not question my sincerity.

Did I not tell you,

that the day I said I love you,

you become the master of my heart?

Listen to the weeping from my chest,

what pains out there is deeper

than the love and care you spoke.

Childish musings?


Teach me how to trust wholeheartedly.

Teach me how to love responsibly.

Teach me to give my all unconditionally.

ItÔÇÖs more than type-written words.

It’s more than spoken words.

Look through my eyes, my handsome

-see those diamonds shattering

because you held my heart ransom.

If only you could see this poet’s sadness

oblivious because she isn’t sure

if she owns your heart and mind.

As real as the tears she cried

As true as the pain in her chest.

Like the doubt of ocean

Like the cloud of ignorance

Like the sunshine of hope

She held dear.

Did we rush it through?

Was it a scripted play?

Listen to me my midnight sun,

Warm my freezing heart

With your iridescent rays.

Flatter me sincerely

Like time, like life, life fever.

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