Nothing in this world is more dangerous than happy ignorance disguised as “peace & love” – Paulo Coelho

Gut feel is the worst enemy of betrayal and the best friend of trust. It is inherent in human but for fear of rejection and separation, we tend to ignore the warnings and sleep over our nagging thoughts.

We knew from the very beginning that a lie was done. We were curious behind the necessity to bend the truth and hide it from us. We want to ask but the right words can’t seem to form at the tip of our tongues. We want to clarify our doubts and calm our paranoias but martyrdom took place and we cried helplessly behind our mascara and whimper from the velvet shade of our lips. We want reassurance but instead of confronting the issue, we jellied at the sugar coated flatteries of the bearer. We were pacified for a while. Wounds left open, not disinfected or desensitized.


Ignoring the signs will not make you happier. In fact, you are making a deeper hollow in your chest, making you the loneliest soul with a broken and forced smile.


Twisted justification of the wrongdoings will not change the fact that a fantasy can become a reality. Face the truth, face the fears and face the why not.


Leave what makes you mad. Do not prioritize temporary happiness. Recognize the ugly patterns of lies and unfaithfulness. Make a vault for self-agape where no element can pin it down because one day, aside from God, it’s “ME, MYSELF AND I”, you’ve got in the end. Make yourself strong enough with experiences that when the day comes that you are at your most vulnerable, it will not crush your entire wall. It will only scratch your facade but at the back, you’ve got a very durable and resilient threshold.


Know how to decipher truth from lies. Do not ignore the inconsistencies and remember them by heart. You don’t have to let them know you know, it’s a bullet kept for the judgment time.


Yeah, it’s okay. It was a choice. But never stoop down lower than your morals. Never allow self-pity to swallow you. Pray if you are undecided. Pray if you are in doubt. Anyway, God never will never put you in a situation if you can’t handle it. You were there for a reason. You were there for a lesson.

Do not hesitate to know what scares you. Sooner or later you will know the truth. So toughen up.

Gullible. For now.

Peace of mind is happiness. And it is in constant compromise with happy ignorance.

May we all have wisdom.  😇

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