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26 Feb 2017

For My Handsome


You were one of those random guys

Smiling casually with flirty eyes

But there is something in your smile

Warm and tender that promises a walk down the aisle.

For me, you were the most handsome

You were never shy, sometimes a bully

But you were perfect for me

And I have decided to make you mine.

Let me repeat these jaded lines.

You were the first thing I thought in the morning.

The last happy thought at night

And in between those spaces, you occupied my mind.

You were always meant to be with me

My Stellar Iris, my beloved strawberry

Always were, always will.

I’ll never want to be with anyone else. ©rabpedroso

P.S. My heart jiggled like a jelly. Love you handsome.

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Cracked Philosophy


“Any man is liable to err; only a fool persist in error.” – CICERO



It is impossible to know everything about life but each day we learn through experience and we adjust with different circumstances and various people.

Our bearing is challenged by different forces of nature and in the process, we break and fall.

It’s okay to cry and recognize mistakes. It’s okay to stoop down and accept your errors. Recognizing your failures, misgivings, and weakness can redefine you as a human.  It leads to greater wisdom.

Humility is a skill, a decision, a tough effort that needs constant execution.

Do not be comfortable in the arid land. Uproot yourself and learn to live in a moist and productive soil.

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