FOR YOU. You know who you are. 🙂


he came to fire my heart

with lovely melodies

the beat steadfast

rhythmic like a unicorn’s gallop

lubb, dubb, lubb, dubb

he lit the sunshine

to my hopeless dreams

shyly I smile

the rays iridescent

curiously bright

a love’s delight

in his absence

i stare at the stars

and shower in their brilliance

i will wait

for shooting stars

and i’ll earnestly pray

to whisper my message

solely to his ears

how i love him

how weak, how weak

to show my deepest desire

but i love him

careened by the waves

in the abyss of the ocean

keep him safe

take care of him

his heart

his love

his joy

and let it not die

i will pray

from the other side

i will be devoted and loyal

i will fan the fire

i will protect the embers

i will make sure

that the fire of love

is constantly burning.

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