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Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I am the eldest in the family at 29 but I am childish most of the time. It goes to show that I need a lot of growing up and I am looking forward to it. Bring it on!
  2. I have three best friends, yes, you read it right, three! I feel super rich! The first one is a psychiatric doctor married to a policeman whom I have cherished since elementary. The second is a policewoman blessed with an optimism and a beautiful baby love and the third is my bully of a sister. I will never go wrong with these beautiful persons. They are like my other half. They know me from head to toe, my strengths, and my insecurities and I am not ashamed to reveal to them how crazy and vulnerable I can get.
  3. I loved the English Language. It was like I was born loving it. I love hearing and reading it. And I easily get attached to anyone who shares the same passion. English proficiency is a weakness: the fluidity in speaking, the passionate writing, the construction of grammar and rhetorics and the uniqueness of style. Loving it is effortless and I easily get swayed with the users. My crushes if not eloquent English speakers are very good writers. Hah!!! Forgive the bluntness of my words.
  4. I am gregarious and I love making friends. Sometimes, I get misunderstood and people think that I’m too artificial but I don’t care. I love good people, even bad people at times, with varieties in personality, I am able to discern the good from the fake. And I get to know their stories. I will never be satiated with a heartwarming story!
  5. I work hard and I guess it’s a liability because I feel varicose veins is going to welcome me in a few years from now. Well, I can’t help it. It’s automatic. But I do hope that one day, I will work my way to the top and hire people to do excellent work for me. It might take me a lifetime but as long as there’s desire in the heart and the flame is burning, there is always a possibility.
  6. I love dogs.I hope my special someone will give me a pup soon.
  7. I don’t know how to swim. Maybe I will start re-learning the basics again with my policewoman best friend. Hahaha, She sure does love to giggle and splash water from the pool and I missed her so much!

The Nominations:

Come visit their blogs. They are worth your reading and viewing time.

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Life is beautiful and writing is what makes my life more colorful because I feel connected with the weirdness of my fellow pen wielders. I will always be thankful that I got the courage and the dedication to start and maintain this blog, otherwise, where will the creativity of my little mind go? In the dumps? I hope not. I love to share them with you. I hope to inspire you. Hasta la proxima vez lovelies. Sunflower Girl here wishing you all with a lovely night.


PS: I have a renewed love for rice! Hahaha. My goal, to reach 56 kilograms! Way to go!


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