16593534_1724676614212918_1942042980_ograteful I am, heaps


when my torments become graces

a life’s mysterious play


when I turned my alarm off

Coz I’m alive and gay.

Or pay for my taxes

every step of the way


Or when I get sick


To give my body rest

And allow my heart to pray


I giggled with fitting clothes

And say excuse me when I burped

I ate a hearty dinner

And love all the calories worth.


I smiled when I clean the mess

from weeding the grass

to washing dirty plates

It means I have a home that lasts.


Ah, and when I open my mouth to complain

Or write my opinions

It shows that we have freedom of speech

Not caged in oblivion


I am warmed by a child’s rhythmic cry

It means I am capable of caring

For anyone anywhere

To be a blessing.


I shivered in fear

And look for a hideout

I ask for deliverance

And God answers loud out.


Thankful when I receive a frown

Or my mother’s reprimand

I know I am cherished

Valued highly and most loved.


Grateful I am, heaps

Because I missed him

My vulnerability is a testimony

That I sincerely love him. ©rabpedroso

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