she wolf.jpgI kept mum,

For I know when a battle is a lost cause.

I closed my eyes

When I should have opened it to see the truth:

where reality bites;

where promises are broken;

where hellos become goodbyes.

Hope can never be seen

where the future is a blur.

When I wanted to protest

The sound escaped my words.

The curse became easterly winds

The insults became sandstorms.


I smiled brightly

but inside me is a raging bull.

In my silence

Is a turbulent storm

In my calm

is a savage beast.

No mercy for the keyboards of my laptop.

Exploiting the blank pages…

with the blood of my pen;

with the daring of my mind;

with the lust of my heart

with the rage of my hands.

I shall free the monster inside

before it corrupts me.

With every word I abuse

with every sentence I destruct

with every paragraph I annihilate.

And then I will smile again

from the blur of the lamp behind my desk.

Enraged with the fire burning inside my heart

I will open my eyes

to make love in a fever state

as I explore the dark

with my pen.

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