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19 Feb 2017

Si vis amari ama

Like a feather

Against the blur

Blown by the wind

From the tree top

Down to the ground

Passing by leaves

Touching petals,

you are floating


In the air

Frolicked by the lake


by the current

To the river

To the seas

To the heart of the ocean

Picked up

By seagulls and seabirds

Sent down to the ground

Gaily exploring

The world

Until the wind blew

And it flew

Against the blur

Passed the leaves

Caressing petals

And back on the tree top.

(It is like rhythm in the unrhythmic world.)

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She Wolf

she wolf.jpgI kept mum,

For I know when a battle is a lost cause.

I closed my eyes

When I should have opened it to see the truth:

where reality bites;

where promises are broken;

where hellos become goodbyes.

Hope can never be seen

where the future is a blur.

When I wanted to protest

The sound escaped my words.

The curse became easterly winds

The insults became sandstorms.


I smiled brightly

but inside me is a raging bull.

In my silence

Is a turbulent storm

In my calm

is a savage beast.

No mercy for the keyboards of my laptop.

Exploiting the blank pages…

with the blood of my pen;

with the daring of my mind;

with the lust of my heart

with the rage of my hands.

I shall free the monster inside

before it corrupts me.

With every word I abuse

with every sentence I destruct

with every paragraph I annihilate.

And then I will smile again

from the blur of the lamp behind my desk.

Enraged with the fire burning inside my heart

I will open my eyes

to make love in a fever state

as I explore the dark

with my pen.

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