When we say, love, we don’t only think about the devotion and affection we hold dear to a person. We also consider about the sacrifices that are untold within the relationship. It is not entirely focused on an individual selfish joy, if possible it aims for the happiness of more people. It will not compromise his or her other half, it will let go and give up knowing that he or she will be happier in a rightful place. Fighting against all odds will be irrelevant because even if it is true love, the pprice to pay is much higher and the consequences deadlier.

I was about to sleep when Paulo Coelho’s verse popped up in my mind. “Important encounters are done by the soul long before the bodies met.”

This is my problem when an idea comes to mind and I feel the urgency to write, no one, no time, and no reason can stop me from scribbling my thoughts. And so, here I am, commencing my article at 22:45 PM Kindom of Saudi Arabia time.

I realized from a previous encounter how childish and irrational love can get. Is it even love when it slowly destroys a person and clouds away judgment from the mind? Is it even love when there is no foundation to hold it’s walls during the storms? Is it love when words said became failed verbs?

I cannot emphatize for the broken hearted who settled for the person who is “just and just or OK LANG”. Never been in a relationship and most of my musings are heard from real life experiences. And while these parties settled for “OK LANG”.

I FIRMLY BELIEVE that they should be responsible for their decisions because LOVE, AFTER ALL, IS RATIONAL. It can distinguish the right from the wrong. And it will not dwell in temporary bliss in exchange for a secure happiness.

While chatting with this person earlier, I felt the sincerity of his words despite the harshness of my written texts. I felt his tears when he said that it was his first time crying for a woman because he regretted not having to tell her before when they were both free and available. The regret is laced with anger and depression that sometimes the brighter side of life is overlooked.

That will happen to us also if we RUSH in love. Or was it infatuation or lust? Let’s not be blinded by the temporary buzz of giddiness and squeals. Let us wait for the right one because somewhere in the universe, our soulmate is bound to meet us in one way or another. And when he or she comes, the force of nature will conspire to join what is bound for an eternity. But if we are already in a relationship with the wrong one, even the heaven cannot undo what the heart earnestly yearns. And we look with grief and tears while our soulmate is taken away from us because we are bound helpless by our “OK LANG RELATIONSHIP”.

For my chat friend, love will never be a completed poem for them in this lifetime. I offered him to pray instead for strength to fight the temptation. For love is also selfless. It doesn’t demand where it will compromise the other party. It doesn’t rejoice while it makes other people cry. It doesn’t succeed when it started wrong for the first time.
Goodnight bloggers. Stitches and Poems reporting on duty. That image is from Miss Melissa Racela, OlsenRacela’s beloved otherhalf. Such strong words.

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