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13 Feb 2017

Daily Musing 18: Sunflower Girl



Hi. Sunflower Girl over here. It’s been weeks since I wrote Daily Musing 17: NBSB Adventure and today, I bravely pen my thoughts on having someone to care for. Like seriously? That expression has become jaded on my blog and I hope my readers will forgive the redundancy.

Sunflower Girl was previously Superwoman. Living in the fantastic fantasy world of her Superman. She didn’t regret dreaming in that orbit for too long, though, she was inspired and she was preserved, and that she is thankful for.

But today was a different day. Superwoman let go of her cape and superpowers. She realized that she is a mere mortal. And in order for her to attain nirvana, she must go down from her tower and feel the tingle and pain of the gravel, the grass, and the sand.

Then the sun shone its brightest and she bathes in delight to its glorious warmth and light. Ah, from that moment on, she decided that she will be a sunflower, bright and cheerful with the sunshine in her smile. She will hold the hand of her Sun and feel the pulsation from its veins, the heat, and the callousness.

She was overwhelmed at first because everything was new to her. The seriousness of the matter didn’t dawn on her and she doesn’t know how to react naturally, devotedly. But she prays for guidance, for enlightenment, and for strength. And she will learn. She will confidently adjust to the new ground.

The wind will sway her feeble petals, will rock her slim foundation on the soil, but her roots were stuck stronger. That is what she believes. Or hopes to believe. And she will bloom radiantly under the brazen rays of her Midnight Sun. She will embrace him just as she should be.

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I WAS 22


Hi. I am 29 at the moment and I saw this on my Facebook notes. Wow, I feel really really bitchy with those written words, but I guess, responsibility in whatever age you maybe never ages. And it applies for all.

Are you responsible enough in your life? At what age have you decided to take things seriously? Like, seriously!

Remember when we were kids and our deepest concerns were birthday cakes and ice creams? Remember when the busy world will stop spinning because of our unwanted tantrums and outburst? Remember when Father left from work and Mother proudly told her co-workers that their eldest will be performing in the Bahay Kubo musical play?

Being a 22-year-old is absolutely a headache. Not to mention that it is overly dramatic. Of course, gone were the carefree, lax life of Chinese Garter and Tumbang Preso. It is the eve of unwanted pregnancy, drug addictions, and the pressure of having to start a career as a reliable adult with a good disposition in life…sounds creepy! Right?

The adult life is not some era of life that you can’t really love that much. When the dreaded time sinks in, you have to pay the terrible price of responsibility. It will play a big factor in your decision-making abilities as well as the course of action you were about to undergo. IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. It is the world’s luggage leaning expectantly on your frail shoulders.

Crap? Crap!

But that is the order of life and what can you do about it?

I mean, seriously, we have messed up with the curfew free nights and the ice cold bottles of Red Horse kicking humiliatingly in our cute, inexperienced asses! Sounds fun when the temptation of a one-night roll in the hay is available at any corner. But who will want a free sex if you end up carrying an unwanted child in your womb and degrading syphilis right in your very own private area! Are you serious!? Damn!

Fun and leisure wear off the moment you ran hopelessly in the sink, vomits your shame and endures one hell of a migraine. Drug smells dangerously appealing and will test your resistance.

Yeah, you can choose heaven in one shot and then suffer eternal hell later in life while Mary Jane is slowly killing you from the inside.

Once you get passed the ponytails and circumcision syndromes, life becomes complicated and difficult. Either your enthusiasm fires up or becomes lukewarm.

Responsibility nags around like a menopausal mother at her late 40’s. It watches over you 24 hours a day like an aged, bendy old millionaire scrutinizing his desirable, young wife of 30’s. Responsibility will not go away! It will hound you forever like an NBI agent chasing a fugitive at loose. In everything you have done, do and will be doing, responsibility can’t be avoided. Either you act later out of a bad choice to pay for the heavy consequences of your mistakes or some sense in your brain tells you ahead what choices you have to do that really matters.

It sounded simple when said but responsibility always calls for an action.

Hard, very hard. But every day of our life we have to have that very precious thought stuck in our vest where we can readily take it when the unexpected occur.

We are adults now. And with the freedom and maturity level we have right now, it is but fair to be a responsible person.


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That Girl


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Her lips speak softly.

Her heart scared and uneasy.

But she must leave her sunshine

and explore the magic of a lifetime.

Her eyes partly closed.

Her hands shaking and trembling.

And then she saw the shadow

Her midnight sun that glows.

There will never be lukewarm nights

Her sun held the fire that kindled her

Ignited her until she burns in the heat

And sated, she rested on his chest. ©rabpedroso

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