She slept through the entire morning. She didn’t intend to because she had to meet an important client who was inquiring about foreclosed assets, though she deliberately turned off her phone and alarm clock before taking a nap. All this leisure time she hopes to spend with him. Before she closed her eyes, she prayed that he will come.

When they first met during her Biology class, she decided that he was the man for her. He is kind and God-fearing. God is his priority above all things. He goes to church on Sundays and spends the rest of his weekend with family. He loves to speak about the good in every human being. That street smart and systematic intellect combined is overwhelming. But he was as humble as a nobody and is very amiable to everyone. He loves to wrap his strong and capable arms around her shoulders and it perfectly fits. They used to hold hands; giggling and running around the campus. They would bicker during their law class but concur during their religion discussions.

He casually visited her at home with potted roses. He knew she loves them and she collected and grew every variety she could. She was good at gardening and they would poke fun at each other while weeding her lush garden of roses, bougainvillea, and shrubs. He was a tease, a sexy tease at that. He would wipe her face with mud and she would counter attack. He knew she will wet him with water the from the garden hose. He would run and they would chase each other until both are wet and dirty with mud and water. They would end up laughing out loud after her mother reprimanded them.

She would bring him lasagna. That was his favorite and she was his favorite chef. They would gobble the entire plate until bits and pieces were left much to their amusement. She ate messily. And he would happily wipe the bechamel sauce on the side of her lips. She would roll her eyes in annoyance. And they would laugh their hearts out when he makes a very loud fart.

They have watched the latest movies together. They were side by side watching the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone until The Horcruxes. They would banter in between the scenes, sharing popcorn and Pepsi to calm their nerves. They have screamed together watching Jennifer’s Body. She enjoyed it much to his dismay. He was clutching her, hugging her most of the movie time in terror and it was heavenly as she hideously grinned.

She heard footsteps from outside her door. Her heartbeat galloped as her pulse raced when she heard the familiar footstep. It has a rugged rhythm with symmetrical steps like the owner is used to going in and out of her place. Then her door knob handle moved and the door opened.

“Donald dropped by to gave you this. I told him you were asleep. He left after a cup of coffee with your father.” Her mother casually said, giving her the card.

“Thanks, ma, ” she replied gingerly, her fingers trembling while she reached for the card. Her mother smiled knowingly and left after closing the door.

She had overslept and she missed the chance to see him up close and personal. It was past 3 in the morning when she last checked her phone for messages. She waited overnight for Donald to clarify things with her, to reassure her. She even spent an hour looking blankly at her phone, her skype account and yahoo messenger for Donald’s call. What a silly girl she was. And he didn’t call. He didn’t come either.

Donald was her best friend for 10 years and he married his longtime girlfriend yesterday. She was part of the smiling entourage that cheered best wishes for the newlyweds but her tears were not entirely happy, they were tears of sorrow and regret. Is Donald aware of her feelings for him? Yes, but he acted unaware of it. And she wants to slap him for dressing her wounded heart with a sweet grin and warm, friendly kisses.

Shaking, she read the message from the card.

” You are the love of my life, Ivana. You are my happiness. As much as I wanted to belong to you forever, I have to be a good father to my unborn son and a loyal husband to her mother. Though Lia and I were bounded by human weakness, our son will remind us that love is not only by strong affection and devotion, it can also spring from loyalty, responsibility, and maturity. I pray that you will have a happy life ahead of you.  I hope that you will soon meet a better man that will love you and fight for you no matter what.
Until our next hello Ivana. Goodbye for now.”

A teardrop fell from the contour of her eyes.

“Until our next hello, Donald. Goodbye.”

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