Dearest Delfin,

My name is Princess and I am one of your grandchildren.

Today, I am writing to you because I missed you. I hope that your soul is happy and well-rested, having commune with The Omnipotent who graced you with a virtuous and adventurous life.

You lived as an inspiration to me and to others. Your humble life shined with kindness, loyalty, and bravery.

Lolo Fin, I am not exactly what you might have expected.
I am not the brave girl you have loved so much.
I am flawed with low self-esteem.
I am scarred with fear.
I am marred with distrust for others.
You see, the world that you painted was not as beautiful as it was.
Life is good but reality is appalling.
And here I am, struggling to survive.
Here I am, fighting my insecurities.
Here I am, desensitizing my fears.
Here I am, learning to have faith.
Oh, this could have been the content of my letter many years ago. Forgive the delay, I need to do some important alterations.
Again, my name is Princess. And I am your beloved grandchild. Today, I am writing to you because I missed you. Because I loved you. I knew you are well rested in paradise with The Omnipotent who graced you with a good life.
You inspired me to become a legend just as you are. I may not receive any recognition or award with the simplicity of my life and the insignificance of my deed but I’m expecting a ribbon of courage from you.
I am slowly becoming the girl that you envisioned me to be.
I am brown-skinned but I am strong and beautiful.
I am building my confidence daily and I love the fire and strength it gave me.
The world will forever scare me but I chose to make a step forward where my old self will not bother to try. In fact, I’m addicted to taking the risk. I will lose a little but I will gain a lot. I will not fear rejection. They will be reminders that it’s not yet the perfect time.
You remembered your Reader’s Digest? And God knows how old some editions are with moth-worn pages and brown discoloration. You remembered your Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star? I thought they will serve as recycled paper for wrapping things but how smart God is, they found their way into my humble cabinet, stacked neatly and read most of the time.
Oh, don’t give me that nonchalant cackle, you debonair old man!
I missed you, really!
Peace, grace, and love to you.