Drinking coffee is a luxury and being able to sleep properly after a cup or two is a miracle.

For an insomniac like me, coffee is a forbidden beverage. Occasionally I take a sip, but as much as possible, I will not give in to my cravings. The aroma of a good coffee is as tempting as a sin, the more you say no, the more it entices you. I abstained for more than 3 months but yesterday and today was a different story.

Curiosity was the traitor who betrayed my sworn aversion to coffee. It was my neck craning while my co-workers shook their arms and booties to the bitter-sweet aroma of cappuccino coffee.

Take a look and try this simple SHAKE SHAKE CAPPUCCINO COFFEE.

What you will need:

1- 2 tablespoon coffee (you can add more if you want a stronger taste)

1 tablespoon sugar (you can add more if you want it sweeter)

20 ml cold water (you might ask why) later, I’ll tell you

30 ml fresh milk (or more if you want it cremier)

200 ml freshly boiled water

An empty water bottle


  1. Put the cold water in the empty container with coffee granules and sugar. Shake it. Shake, shake, and shake until you see the froth forming inside the bottle.
  2. Mix milk and hot water.
  3. Put the frothed coffee in the milk mixture.
  4. Voila! Your homemade cappuccino coffee is ready for sipping. Best served with bread and butter!

I photographed my co-worker’s perfect coffee decoction. It may not be as classy as the one’s served by barista but the taste is just as awesome.

Try it folks and show me your proud creations.

Great looking coffee! Taste good too!