Nowadays, online bashing is as natural as a preacher’s sermon. People regardless of age, education and social status are inclined to typing profanities to be heard and be declared as a hero by their fellow bashers. No one is exempted in the bashing arena. It is regrettable that even senior citizens and minors can play both the perpetrator and a victim.

In my experience, many people are naturally interested in other people’s lives. Before bashing became famous on the internet, people were used to back-biting, bullying, and swearing of ironies. A neighbor’s neck is craning while listening to gossips from another neighbor. And the receiver of that gossip will spice up the false information to cause intrigue and malice. She will put fire to the rumor she just heard.

These days, with just one click, rumors and profanities can spread like wildfire. However, it does not necessarily follow that being curious about someone’s daily activities gives anyone the right to post ugly comments and malicious status online.

Parents should be concerned about what their children are reading, watching, and posting online. They should be aware of  the content of these media and whether it causes good and bad effects to their children.

Adults should be responsible for the gravity of their written text publicized for the entire world to see.They are role models to the youth. How they react to rumors and profanities will be imitated by a child who’s standard of a good person is them. 

While posting “facts” can be harmless, it is undeniable that posting it maliciously to inflict harm against someone is a crime. Although some may raise justification with their rants, it is unfortunate that the victims of that bashing are silently hurting. They are human beings after all and with so much hate around, they either cursed and fight or wept and end their lives. And the bashers are not aware of it or if they were, they don’t care at all. The question is, are we going to condone this malevolent act?

We can be any of the three:

1. The basher.

2. The victim.

3. The spectator.

Either which, this disgraceful reaction to an action will never make things better. When there is swearing, counter-curse will follow until the word imbroglio becomes impersonal and below the belt, compromising not only your career, credibility, family, and peace of mind, detractors have a way of scavenging your worst secrets with a mission to pin you down – an eye for an eye.

Recently, the worst online bashing happened in the Philippine:  “some” Filipinos versus the #Philippines’ bet to #MissUniverse 2016, Maxine Medina. It was terribly sad that her own countrymen had shamelessly discriminated her. Is her English proficiency the sole criteria for Miss Universe qualification? In my opinion, she did her best to perfect her craft as a candidate to the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant and no one, yes, no one has the right to measure how hard she tried. Her efforts were relentless. Winning the 6th place in the pool of 86 beautiful ladies around the world is a feat that people should rejoice.No one has the right to compare her to Miss Pia Wurtzback because they were uniquely confident in different ways and they battle with different sets of contestants and assessed by a different panel of judges.

Cursing or criticizing and her online will not bring the crown back. It only shows how petty some millennials are and a Filipino at that. Where was your GMRC and Values Education? Where was your “po” and “opo”? Where was your “think before you click” campaign? Maybe, they all went down the drain.

In conclusion, bashing online is a disgraceful act that should be stopped at all cost. It may seem impossible at the moment but it will start with you. Try to refrain from posting bad comments. You have to put yourself in the victim’s shoe. How will you feel? How will your family receive the social trauma? Would you like to experience all the hate for you to scream, STOP IT!?

Again, the world is round. What goes up must come down. Mind your own business and instead of posting what you hate, promote love in your status. And by the way, Félicitations, Miss France, on t’aime!
P.S. Forgive, smile, and live happily. Good day readers!

More love from me. -Rachel


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