I am carefree… I am one with God and the earth. My dream aside from being financially free is to be a Ramon Magsaysay or Pulitzer awardee in writing. I am not fluent in speaking the English language but I have a knack in the written arena. I do not have the confidence to speak up in front of a hundred but I have tried and the feeling though nerve wrecking is monumental. I do not let my fears eat me up, instead, I live to test how courageous I am with life’s challenges. That’s why, when I was younger, I love to join oration, extemporaneous and newscasting competitions. I have been a joke with my stammering, wrong sentence organization, and word pronunciation but I don’t let my bad moments hang up for more days or weeks. I got embarrassed but only for awhile, at the end of the day, I still feel pumped up because I was able to stand up in front of the crowd.

I  worked hard to be kind every second of the day. I believed in good karma. How you treat others regardless of their status and bank accounts will come back to you today, tomorrow, or in your next life. Karma is so strong it will haunt you forever, even in the darkest abyss of hell or in the remotest corner of heaven. You are tagged for eternity and it will recognize you no matter what form you will be.  

My favorite person in the world aside from my family is Sister Elvira, my Values Education teacher during high school. I saw in her the epitome of selflessness. Everything she said and do is aligned and relative with kindness and sincerity that while I was in her class, I vowed to become as good as her. When she smiles, the world is lit up with optimism. I hope to carry on the values she has taught me.

The man whom I looked up to aside from my hardworking and soft-hearted father is my abuelo, SeÑor Delfin Buensuceso, the man whose eyes spoke a thousand emotions. He carried bravery with the finesse that no vigorous male at his prime can measure up. He was the most generous person in the world I have known. He gave without expecting anything in return. He had a brilliant mind that resonates with his gallant laughter. He loves to read, books, newspapers and anything with written text on it, even candy wrappers. He believed in continuous learning even when he was 60. I owed him my love for reading, writing, and speaking.

These people who loved me and believed in me made me stronger. I can’t help but mention them once in a while in my writing, in my conversation with friends, and during my weekly reflections. They made me realized what treasure to keep on Earth. They made me recognize the true value of a happy life. And while I continue to get better with life, I gained more confidence and resilience and I claimed that I am a beautiful person. Strong, because of the years behind me and hopeful because of the future ahead of me.

Kneeling before God, I can stand before anyone. I will be a legend. I will continuously face my fears and respond to it. The sincerity and power of my voice will be heard no matter how feeble I speak of it.

What I have today is only a fraction of my tomorrow. I will make the three-quarters God worthy.

I am happy!


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