It had rained last night, just enough to dampen the sands and the pebbles and to water the roses and baby’s breath in her garden. She can’t remember what time the rain stopped falling or when she had finally fallen asleep.

She prayed. Earnestly. That is what she clearly remembered. She was restless last night with a cluster migraine, stressed up with office work and pressured with peers poking fun at her “no boyfriend since birth” trophy. Like she cares.

Ah, she does care. Irritated by the fact, she kicked her blanket and pillow as they scattered unglamorously on the floor. “NBSB huh!” she gingerly uttered. It is dim outside with occasional swell of light hiding in and out from the drowsy clouds. She felt rebellious and without much ado, she marched out of her room, down to the patio towards the vastness of the world outside.

For a little while, it’s beautiful to walk barefooted on the hills lush with deep, thick grass towards the seashore. She tiptoed childishly, giggling as her soles prick softly against the gentle blades of Bermuda grass. She wandered aimlessly, stepping back at her previous footprints with so much audacity. While they wonder wickedly at her lonely journey, she will live her life as happily and carefree as she can be – beautiful, powerful and confident beyond her years.

She inhaled the clean scent of the morning dew and the salty fragrance of the sea. Many people will not understand her journey because they will never have to walk her path. They will never comprehend her reasons, her fears, her motivations, and dreams because they carry a different share of burdens and reveries. They will never appreciate her strength nor grasp her weaknesses because once she fails, she becomes a reject.

She smiled bitterly for a moment and run without hesitation to the sea. Mirthfully, she dipped her toes in the cool water and submerged her entire feet. She will not resist what has to be changed but she vowed not to change just to please those who are not entirely sincere to her. She will grace the currents with aplomb.

Nonchalantly, she ran farther away from the shore, singing gaily with The Carpenters. Ah, freedom behold! The waves splashed suddenly on her unguarded face, drenching her white camisole. With eyes closed and lips partly open, she lifts her head to the sky, combing her damp hair with resilient fingers. No enemy can trample her without her permission. No foe can crumble her resolve without her sanction.

With a stronger sense of self-esteem, she dived in the cool water just as the sun begun to swell in her bright and warm bearing. Today is such a good day to swim. She might remain NBSB for how long, who knows, but she will not mind like her whole life depended on it. The world is vast, beautiful and mysterious in its expanse. It needs exploring and appreciating and she is up for the adventure. she will be brave. She will take the risks because nothing can substitute experience.


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