@rachel ann biclar pedroso
You are the subject of my poems –
strong, sinewy and singular.
You held the key to my tenses
Past, present and maybe eventual. 
You are the verb after every noun
And my heart beats an overdrive.
Notice me and be kind.
The more you smile, the more I strive.
You are my definitive adjective
Your voice a muscular cadence.
Utter my name quixotically
All my heart and yearning I’ll give.
You are my perpetual adverb
Since I was 12 and now 29
I gave you sweet adoration
Can this be true love’s devotion?
I’m phrasing and composing
Poems, sonnets, and prose.
You will fill my every sentence
With your daring manly pose.
Yellow hearts for all romantics out there!