Can artificial intelligence advance so far

and replace what’s inherent and natural?

when almost all the things at par

changed diversely while some are gradual.

Fire ignites from the friction of two stones

water comes fresh from the spring

The man lived simply, humbly as skin and bones

but speaks with dignity, contented as he sings.

Man eats with bare hands

There’s no table etiquette required

Face messy with leftovers

but you’ll recognize the face of a happy man.

His clothes a scrap of leaf

hair untidy with clear bright eyes

he walks barefoot on the ground

carefree and brave towards the sky.

But the ground he tilled has changed so much.

gone is the lush and verdure pasture.

gone is the crystal clear water.

and gone is the innocent man.

The new era brought forth the millennials

sleek with convertibles and iPods

dainty with red wine and steak

stunning in black suit and emeralds.

Everything is automatic

Don’t blink your eyes or you’ll get static

Go with the flow, explore the odds

This change, after all, is a grace from God.