One day, as I made one of my trips to the punching area of the hospital, I heard a good laugh resonating from the end of the corridor

The sound was crisp, cheerful and full of abandon. Out of curiosity, I looked at the source.


Tall and muscular, he has a commanding presence. He is good looking with nose perfectly sculpted between the dark hollows of his brooding eyes. His lips are thin, abnormally red and wet. Maybe, he was biting them earlier, I can only guess, but overall, his presence cannot be ignored. If only he was darker, he is handsome as a sin. But thank God for equality, his fair skin became his liability. 


For a moment, I stood still. Thump, thump, thump. I heard my own heart skipping. I was about to make a U-turn when one of my ankles sprained. I thought the sound was somewhere else and the pain an empathy for someone but as more pain registered, I sat on the floor, embarrassed and helpless. His almond eyes zeroed in on me. “Do you need a hand! I can accompany you to the Emergency Room!” 


Limping, my quivering hands held his. His masculine scent and warmth overwhelmed my Venus’ senses. I looked down to avoid his stare. Unexpectedly, he lifted my chin and asked, “Are you okay? When we locked gazes, I felt that all the cells in my body were trembling.

“So, here we are.” He broke the spell and assisted me in a wheelchair. He helped me to the triage room and said, “Til we meet again Cinderella.”, he waved his hand as he closed the curtain. I can’t resist giggling despite my ankle sprain. The triage nursed looked at me in disbelief. “You are hyperventilating madam. And you have tachycardia.How long will it take for your heart to behave?”


I bit my lips suppressing my laughter.



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