Hush now Magdalena

Dry your tears

As you held your head

High and proud

As you bravely look

At the whispering crowd

As you open your mouth

To tell them your story.
Through your sobs

I saw an angel

Longing for him

Longing for love

Yearning his warmth

Pining his arms

Hush, forget the past

You are far away from your fears.
By and by

You’ll get through

All your pains

Will remain a shadow

So don’t be discoraged

Collect your pride

Unbroken your heart

God will mend you.
Smile now Magdalena

Every little pieces of you shine

Your eyes, your smile

You glow with happiness

Look around you

The world is bright

Come on and dance

At the end of the rainbow

Is your dashing knight.
Maybe someday

He will leave you all alone

Don’t weep again

Coz you will see him

In your twilight years

In the paradise

Smiling, waiting for you

Only for you

To the roads of forever.


via Photo Challenge: Solitude