Has anyone of you watched the Korean hit drama My Love From The Star? It is undeniably regrettable if you have not because aside from the unique love story, you got to see the beauteous Jun Ji Hyun and the handsome Kim So Hyun-I making hilarious and swoon-worthy antics from the screen. Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na got great supporting roles as well but the best reason why you should marathon it is the lesson you will learn from meeting multi-faceted people.

Let me share my favorite dialogue from the series and my dramatic ruminations thereafter.

“I felt like crap many times after I hit the bottom. But there’s a silver lining. I can sort people, my real friends, and the camouflaged foes. We face big tests in our lives. I believe they are the God-given opportunities to sort out the real and the fake.” – Cheon Song Yi

It is unfortunate that some people are only good to you because they benefit from it. It is sad that no matter how sincerely kind you are to them when you turn your back, they can readily stab you with a knife. Will it help if we do the reverse? Say we befriended them because it’s an advantage on our part and when they lose their purpose in refining our portfolio, we crumpled them like papers and throw them in the trash can. At the mercy of our feet.

Yes, we can easily say that but in my opinion, we can never really execute that. Moreover, we are guided by love from God and no matter how bad a person will be, we have the grace to forgive them. We will be hurt at first because we are only humans. We will plan for revenge because our egos were smashed with a boulder. We will bicker. We will pull hairs. We will unfriend each other in social media. We will post malicious status. We will literally snob each other, making rude comments while the other passes by and laugh wickedly like Cruella De Ville.

Let bitches be bitches.

But at the end of the day, we feel morally bad. We feel shallow and defeated. It is noticeably hard to smile or to laugh, to speak comfortably or to act honestly.

Do we really have to fight this worthless war where in the end, everybody who participates loses?

When we inflict pain, we temporarily gain a momentum. But, when we strangle their neck and finally kill them, we are consumed by guilt that no amount of justification will appease us.

I was a participant and I surrendered. The battle exhausted me at the end. I was overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the world. And then I decided to stop. Because I lay down my sword, it is providential that I attained peace and happiness.

It is heaven sent that I met and worked with these people. Though I struggle daily, the close connection with each of them comforts me. We may be multi-racial but from the cord of our mother’s womb, we were blessed with the capacity to love unconditionally.

I am not obedient and my misgivings and hard-headedness might have burdened these people, but at the end of every shift, I can feel their true intentions behind their warm smile. When I have wept my hardest and am heavily troubled, these super colleagues dried my tears and hugged me. I am so thankful to them. They let me realized that my tragedies can be transformed into graces.

Every now and then, I felt like crap but because I have them, my family by heart, I feel powerful. Whenever my walls crumble, they will readily back me up for support. And because of them, I begin to know myself better.

When God has challenged me, I WAS ABLE TO UNDERSTAND HIS LOVE. And that love, He handed over through this lovely family by heart.

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