via Daily Prompt: Overworked


She dreams of him

every once in a while

when the moon is up

with her sweetest smile.

The clouds hid shyly

behind the mountain top

peeking coyly

as crickets rap.

He came as a bandit

when midnight is nigh

To steal some hearts

as stars flicker and sigh.

She will run to him

In sweet surrender

He will keep her warm

and safe forever.

Under the sky

in the middle of the lake

waves glinted in starlight

as they shared a kiss.

Hormones overworked

Heartbeats raced

while the world sleeps

and heaven orchestrates.

Alas, morning comes

and dreams must end

with open eyes

she wants to contend.

How brief is that

He evanesce like a vapor

As sun’s rays blush

to flushed away her stupor.

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