phillip.jpgMistakes are reminders from heaven. It comes unexpectedly or intentionally. It can be mild and at the same time harsh. It can easily be forgotten with its pettiness whereas the grave ones stay over weeks like a haunted ghost, nagging at your conscience whenever you are at your weakest. With all its negative connotations, mistakes can pull you low enough to hate a man. But if taken positively, it can transform you into a superhuman.

Today, I asked the most stupid question with the most basic answer. I did not pay attention. I worked like a robot, programmed without common-sense. My thoughts were wandering elsewhere, somewhere close but very far at the moment.

Corrections are blessings. It can be brutally painful. The embarrassment and hurt overshadowed the graces it brought that instead of a sincere thank you, we end up cursing “Damn you!”

For a change, receive corrections and positive criticisms with open arms. Remember it by heart. And if someday, you have forgotten it, scratch that head of yours and bravely ask, what was that again?

It is better to admit ignorance than to act all-knowing. Your shaking hands will not lie for the eloquence of your tongue.

With a deep sigh, I patted my right shoulder, awkwardly smiled, but smiled nonetheless and collected my shattered pride.

This is the aesthetic of life. It never tires of teaching us to grow up and act like a mature person. Yes, I was hurt at first but I understood clearly that without the pain, I will never learn how to climb out from my crib.

Drained and jaded but still positive and hopeful at the end of the day.

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