mi-amy-mcadams-matthew-goode-leap-year I am not a sucker for romance movie nor am I familiar with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. I belong to the childlike club who prefers watching the likes of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and The Secret Life of Pets. Sci-Fi and Action flicks will entertain me more than kissing scenes and bickering now and then lovey-dovey antics after. But since I made a promise and it’s part of my New Year’s Resolution, I grabbed a pack of salt and pepper flavored almond and watched LEAP YEAR with unexpected delight.

I just finished watching the rom-com and am still in a good mood. I fell in love not only with the main leads, the beautiful backdrop of Ireland captivated me and I knew for certain that I want to go there. For me, it was a perfect blend of romance and comedy with quotable quotes from both our hero and heroine that were worthy to memorized. Matthew Goode’s lopsided smile and brute character are hard to Resist“>resist  . Can’t help but giggle. I closed the online site with more of a bounce in my tap and a wide smile on my face. Geez, I even baked banana cakes thereafter because I can’t contain my giddiness.

So where do we start? Should I give you some spoilers? First, read the plot and meet the trio.

Anna Brady (Amy Adama) from Boston is a planner who stages apartments for Realtors. Anna has been dating cardiologist, Jeremy (Adam Scott) for four years and they are buying a high standard apartment in Davenport together. Anna expects Jeremy to propose to her on a dinner date but he gives her an earring instead, after which he travels to Dublin for his work. Anna thinks he is the one for her and decides to take matters into her own hands. Anna decides to meet him in Dublin on the February 29th and propose to him in accordance with an old Irish folklore tradition from the Fifth Century of leap-year proposals by women where the man has no other choice but to accept the woman’s proposal. However, her airplane is forced to land in Wales due to bad weather and she is not able to find a connection since the Dublin airport is closed. She decides to travel on a small boat but is forced to disembark in Dingle due to a storm. Anna walks to the only restaurant and inn and hires the unfriendly owner Declan (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin. Declan agrees to drive her as he needs the money to pay off his debts and save his inn. They go on an adventure together which will make a lasting impression on both of them.


The Irish scenes are gorgeous, and the accents entertaining. I am not familiar with Dingle’s geography and it’s tourist spots but I was awed with the Cliff and the castle, the cows, and the green pasture and the beautiful winding road, the Callaghan Inn and the Irish couple’s decent abode and garden. I read many inconsistencies, not so good reviews and criticisms about the supposed location and the real places but since I lived in the Philippines, I got carried away with the scenic view, not minding if it’s real or reel. And I thought for a while, I wanted to live in a lush Irish island rich with tall trees, ferns, and shrubs.

There were lots of comedic scenes. The encounter with the cows, the fight with the goons and the unexpected chicken-kill. Though it seemed unoriginal and predictable, the antics performed by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode looked really good and romantic. Like anyone can speak and understand cow. Hahahah…I like how immaterial Declan’s character is. He was uncaring at first, but from the depths of his nonchalant exterior is a man of sincerity. That question of what to take first during a fire emergency gagged me. It was asked a million times but when he answered about his mother’s ring, it broke my heart. Here is a good man with a good heart and good intentions plus the bonus good looks and good bod. So much for the “good” that it becomes cliche nowadays but since it’s a movie, I am starry eyed!!!

We followed Anna’s growth as a person and realization of what matters most in life. Like the apartment she sells after staging it, she discovered that strength and accomplishments will impress people the way she was taken madly in by the high profile facade of Jeremy. But later on, everything crumbled when she learned that the wedding proposal done by his boyfriend of 4 years was done because he was forced to do it and not because he loved her so much. Jeremy saw her as the apartment she staged, a woman only for display. The turning point of her complete change of heart was when she intentionally alarmed the fire button and saw Jeremy took all gadgets to save his ass. The tuxedo will not make up for the shallow man that he is.

Declan, on the other hand, showed that kindness merits the reward in the end. Though a total jerk, he gives a sandwich to our demure Miss even after she wrecked his inn. He even drove her to Dublin. Nay with money matters, but I believe that during that time, our jerk is beginning to care for our heroine. The moments with her Louis Vuitton bag was hilarious and I love how Declan poked fun at it. Yeah, Louis got what he deserves. Hahaha.

It’s not very original and overall, it was not perfect but it is not entirely formulaic, either. And I feel comfortable and entertained with the familiar, old fashion rom-com that it was. The Irish landscape may not be what it was but who cares, it looks poetic in green, green grass and clear waters with beautiful valleys.

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Please don’t expect too much. Where will the fun be? Let the simplicity entertain you and be surprised by the all familiar antics of the rom-com. Sit down, get comfy, and admire a good, simple love story. It’s what we all need.