Happy week and keep in mind the words of Paul ( 2 Tim, 4:7)

“I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith”
Conquer From Within

By: Rachel Ann Biclar Pedroso
What is this selfie all about?

It’s a reminder to myself,

a motivation

one that will propel me to fruition.

thus I pen it down

on aYellow“> yellow card paper

and stuck it up my bed

written in black

highlighted in red

where I was sure to see it

and be moved by it

for days

for weeks

for months

and maybe years

til I totally grasp it.

I will always see it

but I will not linger on it

‘Coz I memorized it by heart

Like the blood in my veins

Flowing across my body part.

I will move it one day

And hang a picture of a CEO

Bold and confident

Sleek in my black tuxedo.

The selfie will be placed

Across the photo of success

where it once was stuck

The simple message

Glistening in black and red

Cheering in silence

To its bearer

To its master

Who fought a good fight

Who lived a good life.

So how will I do it?

How will I conquer from within?

There are many possibilities


but I will live fully

and grab every opportunity

If in case I get rejected

I will try and try

And never die

If by reason I ain’t that good

I will pause for a moment

And fix the flaw

Turn on the lights

And make a good show

If it doesn’t get any better

And still I get objected

sometimes by luck

sometimes by fate

what will happen to me who cried a river

I will accept my loss

And start all over again.

like the selfie I have taken

the universe is mine

But not the entirety for the taking

I have to glitter like the stars

Bright at night

But invisible along the sun’s light.

I am always there


Patiently waiting

For the right time

Or the right man

For a nice word

That will fit and rhyme

I will walk naked in faith

Cast off my fears

Undress my doubts

Let go of my tears

Now I will remind myself

to review my past

to forgive my sins

to enjoy my life

and to love at last.

I have chosen my words with exquisite care… happy reading!

I write because…it’s a supplement to my soul. Browse through my blog and know more about me! Thank you!